Boycott the injustice.
Boycott the violence.
Boycott the company responsible for the Dakota Access Pipeline.


In his first days as president, Trump signed an executive order to force through the development of the Dakota Access Pipeline and instructed the Army Corps of Engineers to ignore due process and grant the DAPL its final easement. Now, drilling might start at any moment.


Sunoco is the company behind the DAPL. On November 21st, 2016 Sunoco Logistics announced a merger with Energy Transfer Partners, the prime investor of the Dakota Access Pipeline. This will make Sunoco a $20 billion dollar conglomerate, and the prime investor in DAPL, with over $6 billion invested in the project. Now they own this project, which is both a time bomb for North Dakota and literally adding fuel to the fire of our warming planet.

They own this now.

It’s time to hold Sunoco and its affiliated brands Stripes and Speedway accountable for the assault on Standing Rock


Restarting the DAPL project, the new administration has swept aside the rights and voices of the natural stewards of this territory -- the water protectors and tribal members of Standing Rock Sioux. Trump put the profits of multinational oil corporations (in which Trump himself was a major investor just as recently as a few weeks ago) over the health and safety of people. All this in service of a pipe dream of jobs (that will be few) and endless cheap energy (which is neither).

Now, we all need stand with the water protectors before it’s too late.


Our boycott speaks to Sunoco in the language it understands: dollars. We cannot participate as Sunoco profits off the destruction of Native land and water--in North Dakota or anywhere else. We cannot allow Sunoco to hide in the shadows of the DAPL project. Just as the anti-apartheid movement connected Shell Oil and Coca-Cola to the atrocities of the South African regime, our boycott will link Sunoco with the atrocities at Standing Rock against Indigenous peoples and their allies.

Share this widely, let your friends and family know that they can stand with the water protectors at Standing Rock by boycotting Sunoco, now.

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